Terms & Conditions

GotHire Terms will remain in effect until the end or termination of all subscriptions, activations and or interactions. 
GotHIre Services.
GotHire Provides web based/ internet services to companies and or employers seeking employees or contractors. 
GotHire Provides ranking, interviewing in addition to a variety of features and tools that assist in the process of Hiring and prospecting candidates.
GotHire employers can use APP features on android and apple devices to conduct interviews with candidates. 
GotHIre uses Video & Microphone technology to conduct video interviews. If candidates, employers choose to use video features they are automatically authorizing GotHire to record, save and share appropriate data with others via GotHire Servers. GotHire will not use videos for any purpose other than your related account activity such as interview process.
GotHire may review and or delete content/ video recordings if it violates with local laws, promotes hate, sexual and or violent content. GotHire cannot be held responsible for content and or recordings provided by both employers and or employees or contractors using any of the features while visiting and or subscribed member. 
GotHire provides tools that help and automate employers hiring process. GotHire does not guarantee results associated with employment and or employees using GotHire. GotHire does not share or sell information to third parties. 
GotHire hold the right to any given time modify and or discontinue service permanently or temporarily to employees and or employers subscribed to use and or visiting any of the GotHire related pages, apps and tools. GotHire holds the right to change policy and or terms at any given time for best practice of business, rights of subscribers, users.