Q: How long does it take to implement GotHire and have it ready to use?

A: GotHire is ready to use as soon as you’re signed up. Once you're signed up, all you need to do is set up your company profile, import any existing resumes you have with a click of a button and your ready to go!

Q: What I’m looking for isn’t on any of your pricing plans. Do you have something that can be customised to suit my company’s needs?

A: Yes we do! We offer a fully customizable plan for Enterprise clients who have a specific set of requirements. Just contact us and we’ll be able to help you out.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Don’t worry we have a little guide put together to help you get started

Q: What happens if I’ve already collected resumes from a job posting?

A: Simple, just import those resumes to candidate list using the ‘Resume Import Tool’ in the candidate tab.

Q: Can I allow a candidate to re-attempt an interview round after rejecting them?

A: Yes you can! In the ‘Interview in Progress’ section of ‘Job Management’ locate the candidate you have rejected and click on view results. Once in the results page, scroll all the way down and click on ‘Still Interested’. This will invite the candidate to re-attempt the interview round.

Q: How does the interview process work?

A: You invite the matched candidates to apply, review applications and invite candidates to begin the online interview process consisting of interview rounds made up of customizable questions you have created. By the end of the online interview process, once you have narrowed down your pool of candidates you then invite the best of the best for a final round in-person interview. After your final round interview you can send an offer to the candidates you want to hire.

Q: Is there a GotHire mobile app?

A: Yes, there is currently a mobile app for candidates. Although there isn’t an app for employers, the platform is mobile friendly.

Q: Why can't I sign in?

A: Review and consider the following to best troubleshoot why you may not be able to sign in to GotHire:
Please reach out to one of your GotHire account Admins to confirm that your Admin has not disabled your account. Are you using the correct email address?
Is your browser accepting our cookies?
Please check your browser security settings to confirm that GotHire is included as a "trusted website". Did you forget your password?
You can reset your password using the forgot password link.

Q: Why am I not receiving GotHire emails?

A: It might be that our emails are ending up in your junk/spam inbox, so do give that a check and if so include us in your list of contacts/mark us as safe. Note that not all email servers/clients readily accept emails from GotHire. It is best practice to whitelist the domains "gothire.com", and "business.gothire.com".

Q: Can I use the same email address for more than one account?

A: GotHire currently uses your email address as your unique identifier. (i.e. you can only use an email address on one account) If you would like to have multiple accounts within GotHire, you need unique email addresses for each account.

Q: What types of files are accepted as resumes on GotHire?

A: GotHire accepts the following file types up to 5MB in size: pdf, doc, docx.

Q: Can I get more user seats / add more team members?

A: Yes! If you are on a SMB or Enterprise Plan and have maxed out the user seats included in your plan you can add more user seats for a small price. .

Q: My current plan limits the number of jobs that can be active at any one point in time. Is there a way I can have more active jobs for let’s say a peak hiring season?

A: Yes! If you are currently maxed out on your active job postings, you have the option of purchasing additional one-off active job postings for a small price.

Q: What is the definition of an active job posting?

A: An active job posting is a job that you are actively hiring for and thus the posting is viewable by potential candidate who may apply. This also means that you can have candidates go through the interview process that you have set up.

Q: What I’m looking for isn’t listed in one of your plans, do you have something customizable to suit my needs as a large company?

A: Yes! Just contact us and we’ll definitely be able to help you create something based on your requirements.